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6 Interesting Fun Facts about LED Lightings

LED Lights are one of the most sought after lighting solutions in market today due to their longer lifespan and cost-effectiveness. LED lightings cater to both personal and commercial spaces.

To give you a little more insight as to why they are favoured among consumers, here are 6 interesting fun facts about LED lightings:

1: They Help Keep the Food Fresh

LED lights emit little to no UV rays which not only keeps your food fresh but doesn’t attract bugs. LED lights allow your vegetables and fruits to retain their nutrients. Although the impact of this lighting system is minimal at homes, it could be quite significant in supermarkets, restaurants, and commercial kitchens as compared to other lighting solutions. 

2: They Are Great for Horticulture

Different coloured LED lights can assist the growth of your plants. Certain colours hues such as deep blues and hyper reds help create the perfect conditions for photosynthesis.

Growing fruits and vegetables under LED lighting also makes them less vulnerable to climate changes.

3: They Are More Tolerant of Temperature Variance

LED lights can successfully tolerate extreme temperatures, making them a useful and durable option for people living in areas with harsh climate. It even allows you to make your outdoor space more sustainable with LED garden lights.

4: They Are Much Easier on the Environment

LED Lights go beyond being energy efficient, over 95% of LED lights are recyclable. Owing to its design LED lights are less likely to produce any electronic waste as they do not contain any mercury. Both these factors make LED lighting systems environment friendly.

5: The Brightness Is Measured in Lumens

They are only lighting solution in the market that have their own measurement scale for brightness. The incandescent bulbs are generally measured in Watts (W), whereas LED lights are measured in Lumens (lm).

The following table will help you easily transition from Watts to Lumens.

6: They Help Keep You Cooler

LED lights tend to emit less heat than halogen bulbs and CFLs, keeping the surroundings cooler. Its efficient design converts most of the electricity into lighting instead of heat which creates that cooling factor.


LED lighting technology is one of the best solutions available in the market. Longer lifespan and durability makes LED lights a superior option compared CFLs and incandescent bulbs. 

Lumens (More Lumens = More Light) 1600 1100 800 450
Watts 100 75 60 40
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