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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are LEDs more expensive than traditional lights?

Production cost of LED is relatively higher due to the use of sophisticated technology and maintaining higher quality than that of traditional lights. However, LED lights are durable and their energy saving component help you save a lot on your electricity consumption making it a cost effective investment in the long run.

Are there LED bulbs for chandeliers?

The most commonly used LED lights for chandelier/pendant-style fittings are Candle bulbs.

Do I need to replace my light fittings to use LED lights?

LED bulbs are made compatible to retrofit existing fittings. However, check if the dimensions of your LED bulbs are the correct size to your existing fittings.

Should I buy LED lights based on watts or lumens?

It is always preferable to buy LED lights based on lumens. Watts is the number used to determine the energy consumed to produce lumens. Lower Wattage and higher Lumen will produce best lighting with lowest energy consumption.

Why is my LED light flickering?

Ideally LED lights should not flicker. However, flickering can be caused by various factors such as voltage fluctuations in wiring, or a traditional dimmer switch. Most LED lights are incompatible with traditional dimmer switches, and require a LED-specific dimmer switch to function properly.

Are LED lights waterproof?

All LED lights have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. This tells you if it is suitable for wet areas or not. IP rating is a two-digit number, higher the number is the more waterproof it is. Lights with IP rating of 65 is usually recommended for using in wet areas. Some lights which are not designed with water-proof fittings need to keep in water-tight fixtures.

What is the size difference between LED bulbs other traditional bulbs?

Most of the time, LED bulbs are roughly the same size or slightly smaller than your Incandescent or Halogen bulbs that they replace.

Can LED lights be used outside?

Yes, LED lights can be used outside. You get LEDs that are designed for outdoor use purpose like flood lights, fluorescent lights, lanterns and many more.

How long do LEDs last?

LEDs have a longer lifespan than any other lighting technology, lasting up to 50,000 hours.

Where are LEDs used?

LED lights can be used just about anywhere from decorative fixtures around your house to illuminating your warehouse or office space to lighting up streets.

Can LED bulbs be used with dimmer controls?

LEDs are dimmable, but it depends on the dimmer. Most traditional dimmers are not compatible with LED lights. Nowadays, you get dimmers specifically designed for LED lights. Check with the shop before buying LED lights.

What are LEDs?

Light Emitting Diode or LED is a lighting solution that produces 90% more efficient light than halogen and incandescent lights.

What is Lightening from Thunder?

It emerges form thunder

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