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Industrial Lighting

Polaris Plus LED - Highbay

Polaris Highbay offers customer all the benefits of LED Lighting - Superior Light output with 130lm/W, ultimate light quality, longer service lifetime, reduced energy comsumption and less maintenance. At the same time, it offers ease to the installer too

  • Housing

    Epoxy Powder Coated Pressure die casted aluminium housing

  • Optics

    Epoxy Powder Coated Pressure die casted driver box

  • Long Life

    50,000 Hours at L70

  • Mounting

    Pendant thru’ eyebolt

  • Available CCTs


  • IB LED Assurance

    Surge Protection >5KV
    THD <10%

  • Applications

    Commercial Area
    Manufacturing facilities

Cat. Ref.System Wattage (W)Rated Input Voltage (VAC)Input Current (A)CRIPower FactorCase Lot
IIBL10RD-80WH 802400.351>70>0.951
IIBL10RD-100WH 1002400.526>70>0.951
IIBL10RD-120WH 1202400.526>70>0.951
IIBL09RD-150WH 1502400.658>70>0.951
IIBL09RD-200WH 2002400.877>70>0.951

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